Rising Rainbows

A Davey Wavey Scholarship

The Rising Rainbows Scholarship

Every person, every race and gender deserves a chance to shine. Rising Rainbows was built to provide exactly that opportunity for individuals from underrepresented communities.

Launched by Davey Wavey and proudly supported by BroadbandTV, the Rising Rainbows scholarship leverages Davey’s YouTube presence to help jump-start the careers of promising young LGBTQ YouTubers.

Discover and support the Rising Rainbows creators below.

Queen JJ

Davey Wavey has gone international with the latest entry in his Rising Rainbows series - enlisting Queen JJ from Germany as the next collaborator! JJ has only recently entered into the English-speaking YouTube world with her second channel, where she shows off the stunning powers of make-up and talks the importance of self-love...

  • Davey: Is Masc Over Rated?

  • JJ: Boyfriend Does My Makeup

  • BBTV's Behind the Scenes with JJ


Known for his MacDoesIt channel, Machaizelli is without question one of the funniest (and smartest) YouTubers you have yet to discover. As a gay man born and raised around Los Angeles, Mac has learned to counter that town's "just want to be somebody" attitude with a sprinkle of weird and a dash of social justice. Check out BBTV's Q&A with Mac on the BBTV Blog.

  • Davey: The Eggplant Emoji

  • Mac: Becoming "The Ultimate Gay"

  • Behind the Scenes with MacDoesIt

Darnelle Sott

Darnelle is a transgender female YouTuber in her final year of nursing school in Missouri. Her channel features her signature confessional vlogs, beauty tutorials, and much more. Inspired by earlier transgender pioneers like Gigi Gorgeous, Darnelle wanted to share her own experiences in the hopes of showing others it’s okay to be themselves. She sat down with us after filming with Davey to share her experiences with the BBTV community.

  • Davey: What Not to Say to a Transgendered Person

  • Darnelle: What to Say to a Transgendered Person

  • BBTV's Behind-the-Scenes

JD Dalton

JD is a gay male who lives with albinism, is of Native American heritage, and is legally blind – a combination of identities that is both intriguing and exciting. JD took the time to sit down with BroadbandTV to discuss his life on YouTube, and what it was like working with one of the platform’s biggest stars. His answers were inspirational and insightful.

  • Davey: "My Gay Blind Date"

  • JD: "Davey Uses my Cane"

  • BBTV's Behind-the-Scenes

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